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Game Developed by Mytopia

The Official Showtime's game for 
Awards winning series "weeds"


Game Developed by Roshumbo games

Winner : Best social Game
Gameis awards 2010

SHOBO™ is an innovative, online multiplayer board game developed by Roshumbo Games. 


Game by planet of the apps

Featured 155 times on itunes in 122 countries!

Best new game in the UK

Help Planktons protect their side of the ocean and escape the jellyfish. The only way the Planktons can beat the jellyfish is by eating the forbidden fruit of the sea. 

Elephant Art!

Game Developed by Pangolin apps

Winner : Best Kids Game
Gameis awards 2015

Bamba & The magical kingdom (RPG)

Game by Playfulshark

Winner: Best web RPG Game
Gameis awards 2009

The biggest advergame ever produced in Israel
This enormous RPG advergame is based for Bamba, the most widely-sold Israeli snack

Moondo Games portal

Game by Funtactix (called now FTX games)

Winner: Best Games portal site
Gameis awards 2009

online 3D action multiplayer destination: Moondo. Play the 3D games with your one character and all your friends.

Ice dream

A Game by Playfulshark

Winner: Best adver Game
Gameis awards 2010

Build the ice cream factory of your dreams 

Flying Dodo

Game by Double duck

Find sweet golden coins across the jungle, and use them to buy different upgrades, beautiful costumes and crazy jetpacks!

Puzzle Strip

Game by Pangolin apps

Sea Puzzle, is an under water puzzle game for kids up to 5 years old. During the enchanting underwater trip

Major Tom

Game by Planet of the apps

Space Adventure 

Slider party

Game by Funtactix (called now FTX games)

Winner: Best Game
Gameis awards 2008

Team Clash

The MIX Machine

Game by Pangolin apps

Mic characters!

Garage Pro 3D

Game by Playfulshark

Winner: Best social Game
Gameis awards 2012

A unique game that springs off the social game genre into a vast world of car customization.


Go Kizi Go!

Game by Funtomic


Game by vortex game works

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