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NivGo - Niv Gold (Golan)

20+ years of of experience in almost every field and aspect of media creation,

Games, animations, films, soundtracks and music.

Graduated 2001 from Rimon college of jazz and contemporary music, following by sound studies at The Israeli sound school (Gera)

Ever since then, NivGo worked with leading forces in the entertainment and gaming industry which enriched him with deep understanding of the new media culture.

NivGo specializes in creating a link between the narrative and the visuals of media, with a unique interpretation using visuals, music and sounds.

NivGo is passionate about  everything and anything that has to do with games, animation, stories, audio , sound, music, video games or animations and taking pride on being at the forefront of media creation.

"I aim to always be unique and Innovative"


  • Specializes in media creation.

  • Sound / Audio direction

  • Leading Creative & Developers teams

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